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Get Tooth Replacement Done in Hamilton


At 860 Dental, we offer tooth replacement to improve the quality of your smile. Our clinic in Hamilton is equipped to help you get the smile you desire.

Dental care, dental implant



A dental implant is a metal tooth root that is placed into the jaw bone in the spot of a missing tooth. A Crown is then attached to the metal tooth root that matches the shape and color of the teeth beside it. It looks very natural and holds up very well to normal chewing and use in the mouth. Implants have a high long-term success rate, usually lasting decades if well cared for. Implant roots are generally placed by a specialist and then the implant crown is placed here in our office once the implant root has healed and fully integrated into your jaw bone. This healing process takes about three months. During the healing process you have the option of leaving the space in your mouth, or acquiring a small partial denture called a flipper to replace that tooth for the duration of the healing period. Implant crowns are generally not placed immediately over the implant root since the torque and pressure on the new crown and root would prevent it from adequately healing and integrating into the jaw bone.

Dental bridge of 3 teeth over molar and premolar



A bridge is a permanent restoration that replaced a missing tooth by “bridging” together the teeth on either side of a missing tooth. Bridges can be made out of metals such as stainless steel and gold, or can be made to match the exact shade of your teeth with materials such as porcelain and zirconia. A well-cared for and healthy bridge may last decades which makes it well worth the investment. Bridges do need to be cleaned underneath the missing tooth area to keep the bridge healthy and strong.

Close-up human denture of the upper jaw on a blue background in the hand of a dentist wear


Dentures are custom-made appliances that you can take in and out of your mouth that replace teeth in your mouth that are missing. If you are missing all of your teeth, the appliance would be called full upper or lower dentures. If you are only missing some of your teeth, the appliance would be called partial upper or lower dentures. The teeth on dentures can be made with porcelain or acrylic, and are held together by either an acrylic or metal base. It is important to take dentures out at night to let your oral tissues breathe and to clean the dentures. Dentures can create a very natural and satisfying look and feel for patients.

Complete and Partial Tooth Replacement

We are here to help you maintain your beautiful smile with effective tooth replacement solutions.

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