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How to Decrease Your Anxiety in the Dental Office

Do you suffer from odontophobia? It’s the condition depicting an irrational and overwhelming fear of dentistry. Research estimates that over 75 percent of adults experience some form of ‘dental fear,’ and up to 10% percent suffer from odontophobia.

To help you decrease your anxiety in the dental office, here are some tips and techniques to try out:

Understand your treatment

Many times, a patient’s fear of the dentist stems from the fear of the unknown. Often these worries will disappear once a patient fully understands why that particular treatment is being done and how it is going to help them. At 860 Dental, our dentists will help explain the entire procedure to you before anything is done, and they will make sure to walk you through it step-by-step while the procedure is being performed.


Breathe deeply and try to relax. Some dentists recommend practicing relaxation techniques before and during the appointment. Other dentists find that listening to music or scheduling an appointment first thing in the morning before the stresses of the day add up also helps patients to relax.


As mentioned above, many dentists find that listening to music during an appointment calms a patient down. At 860 Dental, we have iPads loaded with music apps for you to enjoy, and we will even give you your own 860 Dental earphones for you to use and enjoy during your appointment that you can then take home with you.


Similar to music, watching your favourite program while in the dental chair can ease your fears and take your mind off what is being done. Each room at 860 Dental has a television for you to watch while here.

There is always a way to get around any fear you may have about the dentist, and we will make sure to help you calm your nerves and anxieties while here. At 860 Dental, we hope to make your time with us as enjoyable and painless as possible!

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